BEST IN MARIO SERIES, Week 2: Final Boss Battle

Week 2 begins! Looks like the new topic starts ever Sunday, voting ends Thursday. (Or Friday) Today we ask which Mario game boasted the best final boss battle. ( :bowser:) It's recommened you only say what game it was, not who the boss was, for spoilers.

WEEK 1(Attacks): Super Smash Bros Brawl

Super Mario RPG (1)
Super Mario, eeer, 64? (2)
I hate how you have to battle him the same way as before in SMG. You do in SM64, too, but...
Paper Mario (1)
Winner: Super Mario 64.

Wasn't expecting that one...

WEEK 2(Best Final Boss Battle): Super Mario 64
WEEK 1(Best Attacks): Super Smash Bros Brawl