Luigi's Mansion Questions.


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1.) I just unlocked the hidden mansion, and i saw that there is a mansion option when i went there it was good as new.. of course. but then when i decided to check that out i was already in the 2nd level of the hidden mansion. SO my question is, "If i continue the regular mansion will it affect my hidden mansion results?"

2.) Does the hidden mansion results affect the gallery?

3.) When you scan E-Gadd in the gallery he says "Way to go, genius... Do you have the hang of that thing yet?"
Is he being saracstic?

Thank you.

EDIT: 4.) In area 2 there is a quick entrance door to area 3 without having to go to the courtyard. Ive beaten the game on regular before and i still didnt get to open it. Does that door really work?

5.) Ive seen that getting the portrait ghost doesnt affect your gallery.. thats sad because ive gotten gold on everything so far... so is there a gallery for hidden mansion ghosts?

6.) 2 boos ive lost, one from that room with Biff something and the one in the room before the observatory.. i cant find the one from the room with biff, it hasnt fled into the conservatory (i think thats the name) room. where might it be... and the other one is annoying the heck out of me going from area 1 to area 3 and back and forth. He was hiding in a room i havent unlocked yet.