Super Smash Bros Brawl FS and Level Video Compilation SPOILERS!!!=*

Although we already have a Super Smash Bros Brawl thread, this contains ridiculous amounts of spoilers only for those who can't wait for Brawl any longer.
READ OR DIE: This information was compiled by Deathwingx12 on Gamefaqs, and this document is mainly for those who only visit the Super Mario Wiki.

Intro Video:

This is all we know thus far. This thread will cover mainly all the character's Final Smashes (also some Game Play) and levels as well as other relavent info.

If you have any new relavent info or videos for characters or levels, please say what it is post a relavent link to it.

Assist Trophies and Pokeball Pokemon info is welcome as well.

I will post all SSE SPOILER videos at the bottom as well, so you are warned. However, I will not post what happens in SSE though, only the videos.



Mario Finale-
(At 1:17)


Final Smash (Za Warudo?)-
(At 1:39)


Peach Blossom-
(At 3:58)

(You can see some of Bowser's moves)

Giga Bowser-
(At 1:24)

(Yoshi showing his moves)

Super Dragon-



=Donkey Kong=

Konga Beat-
(You do need to push buttons and/or time them to make DK's FS work the best)
(At 1:32)


Rocketbarrel Barrage-


(At 1:25, Kirby vs. Kirby)

(Gold Colored)
(Metaknight vs. Bowser, Fox, Captain Falcon, and Fox again)

Galaxia Darkness-
(At 1:06)

=King DeDeDe=

Waddle Dee Army-
(At 0:57)
(At 0:50)
(At 1:17 and 2:03)

(During game play, Zelda's or Sheik's icon will change whenever a character switches to the other)

Light Arrow-

(Link vs. Shadow Link)
(Two player version with Samus and Dark Samus)

Triforce Slash-
(At 3:03)

=Toon/WW/Young Link=

Triforce Slash-
No video yet.


Twilight Beast Ganon (unofficial name)-

=Pokemon Trainer=
PT appears in the background in most levels.
He disappears in stock matches when his/Pokemon's stock has run out.
He is left behind in moving stages, but appears in specific areas when the main platform makes a stop at a location.
(You can pick what color and who you start out with)

Triple Finish-
(At 2:15)
(At 1:19)
(At 2:12)


Volt Tackle-
(At 1:57)

(Hard to see as the level makes everything viewed at a distance)

Final Smash (name unknown)-
(At 3:42)


Aura Blast (official or unofficial name)-

(Fox showing his moves)

(At 6:24)


Landmaster (official or unofficial name)-
(At 8:28)


Landmaster (official or unofficial name)-
No video yet.

(Fusion Suit color)

Zero Laser-
(At 4:41)
(At 0:52)

=Zero Suit Samus=
(Black ZSS showing her moves, shows you can start out with ZSS and that her suit falls off for her entrance and the parts are throwable)

Crystal Flash (official or unofficial name)-
(At 1:02)


PK Starstorm-
No video yet.

PK Starstorm-

More later...

Critical Hit (official or unofficial name)-


Great Ether-
(At 2:06)


Palutena’s Army-
(At 1:57)

=Pikmin and (Captain) Olimar=

End of Day-
(At 1:20)
(At 1:24)

=Captain Falcon=
(At 1:53, Falcon vs. Snake)

Final Smash (Blue Falcon?)-
(If a better video exists please post)

(Good video of Snake showing his moves)

Grenade Launcher-

[Wii Number] - 6159 4135 8580 9046
AR codes:
Posted 2/1/2008 1:00:13 AM
message detail =Sonic=

Super Sonic-
(At 1:05)

=Mr. Game and Watch=
(At 2:09, G&W's entrance shows three of him, which is more of it being just the old school hand held animation style)

Octopus (Official or unofficial)-

=R.O.B. (Robotic Operating Buddy)=

Final Smash (Name unknown)-
(At 1:03)


=Final Destination=
(Dud Golden Hammer and dud Stop Watch at 1:23, Dragoon at 2:10)

(At 5:28, Green Pokemon Trainer, Metagross Pokemon at 6:16, Charizard Rock Smash, Deoxys Pokemon at 7:03, Dr. Wright AT at 7:08 and Stop Watch item at 8:15)

=Delfino Plaza=
(Fusion Suit color Samus and video fast forwards in a few parts)
(Diddy's FS, Dark DeDeDe, and white Peach)

=Yoshi's Island=

=Lylat Cruise=
(Green Metaknight, Dark Pit, Ninten Dog AT, Jill AT, and Lucas FS x2)

=Battleship Halberd=
(Silver/White Metaknight and Dark Toon Link)

(Night time and Link's FS)
(Day time, PT vs. Link, Lightning Bolt item at 0:30)

=Bridge of Eldin=

(Pit's Final Smash and Wario's Chopper and Fart Attack at 3:15)

=Rumble Falls=
(At 2:09, G&W vs. Yoshi)

=Castle Siege=
(Red Metaknight color)
(Stop Watch item at 0:40)


=Pokemon Stadium 2=
(Gold colored Metaknight, Stafy AT at 1:04, and Stop Watch item at 1:49)

=Shadow Moses Island=
(CD at 0:44 next to Ike)
(Pit's FS and Dark Samus)

=New Pork City=
(At 1:30)

=Mario Circuit=

=Luigi's Mansion=


=Frigate Orpheon=
(Pitfall and Little Mac AT Shown)

=Mushroomy Kingdom 1 & 2=
-Above Ground
(At 3:38, Peach vs. Link)

=Mario Bros(Stage)=

=Distant Planet=
(At 1:53)


=The Summit=

=The Great Sea=
(Seems that you don't stay on the boat for the whole match)

=GreenHill Zone=
(There is a part or two that fall by the curve causing a pit)

=Port Town: Aero Dive=


=Classic Donkey Kong? (unsure of name)=

="Flatzone 2" (unofficial or official name)=
No video yet.

=Mt. Spear? (unofficial or official name)=
No Video yet.

@@Melee Stages@@

=The Temple/Hyrule Temple=

=Yoshi's Island (Super Mario World Stage)=

=Corneria (Great Fox)=

(At 3:38)

No Video Yet

=Rainbow Ride=
(At 1:53)

@@!Stage Editor!@@

-Other Relevant Information-

=Shadow AT=
At 0:49

=Stafy AT=
At 1:04

=Metroid AT=
At 0:45

=100 Man Brawl=

=Homerun Contest=
(Silver and Gold Bowser)

=Sticker Mode=

=Trophy Mode=

=Coint Shooter=

=Snake Codecs=

=Target Test=
(Peach, Ike, Wario, Mario, Pikmin and Olimar, DK, then Homerun Contest with DK then Marth)

!!!SPOILERS Subspace Emmissary SPOILERS!!!!

@Seriously, if you don't want to ruin your appetite for Brawl's SSE Adventure Mode DO NOT!! watch these videos.
You've been WARNED!!

All in order from start to finish.
These are all the movie clips, so there isn't any gameplay in these videos.


Credits go to everyone recording the videos, the ones playing and sharing Brawl over the internet through live streams, and from viewers like you (and no you don't get a free tote bag).

And just for fun and because I can, here's Kirby's Paunch 64 mix. Enjoy!