Collab: Scrubbing the wiki of the PartOfPipe template

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PartOfPipe is a template users part of a pipeproject would put on the talkpage of any images or articles related to a pipeproject. That's pretty much it. It never meant anything and with the wiki pipeproject scrapped, they might confuse some users into thinking the system is still active, so might as well get rid of them.

A list of the pages it's on can be found here.

Considering how simple removing them are, you don't need to post anything in this thread to contribute. However, it would be a good idea to post from which end of the list you're starting from and which namespace (Talk, file talk or both) you are doing to prevent annoying edit-conflicts.
I'll, uh, start from the top with just talk pages.

EDIT: or okay then shoey maybe not
I'm taking a random chunk in the middle:

Talk:Magic's Magic (transclusion) ‎ (← links)
Talk:Flipper (transclusion) ‎ (← links)
GreenDisaster said:
So far all I've seen are Mario cartoon and Smash Bros. PipeProjects. Are there others?
Mario Kart and Super Mario Bros. Levels are the only other ones I remember.
List of things that only have the template in it:,_Up,_and_a_Koopa

I'll start helping out. I'll start from the first thing on the list (File:MKDS art small.jpg).

wait htjnfv,mnrgt

i'll try to come back and help but now I have to do something. hopefully I'll come back in time to help a little.

EDIT: Ok i can help now. I'll be doing this random bit from between Talk:Doc Freud to Talk:Bike.
Leave them alone. The admins are discussing what to do with them.
Yeah, looks like this is done. Unfortunately, there is no combination of RC filters that filters out most of them, so it's kinda hard to sort through them to see if anything slipped under the radar. (600 pages to delete, wow)
The easiest way would probably be to go look in the contributions of everyone that helped out, use Ctrl + F, and search "Blanked", as "Blanked the page" is what appears when all the content of a page is removed.
No, I said filter out, as in I can't get rid of them with filters since they aren't patrolled or minor. Kinda beating a dead horse now, tho.
Well, I'd like to say, if we managed to collaborate like this and remove all those templates from, like, over 500 pages in just 2 hours, then this is definitely a good sign of things to come. Well done, guys! :D
Yeah, looks like this is done

I have to say, I am more than pleasantly surprised about how smoothly this went. Thanks to everyone who helped with the project. If this is representative of things to come, I'll be one happy cephalopod alright.

Anyway, as both the removal and the deleting are done, I'm sending this thread to the archive.
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