Rate the pain of the user above avatar


Power Star
If the avatar of the above user would hurt you in some way, rate how much it would hurt.
For example, if the above user's avatar was a fly you'd rate it 1/10 or somethin'.
The brackets can smash and squash one!

I kick the ball you into your face! >=D
It's too empty!! WAHHHHH!!! :bowser:
Random floating heads. :O then can bite. =P Uni is there and he also can swear at you =P, so
5/10 :D
The sheer idioticy of having NO AVATAR sentences the victim to a life of brokenheartedness.


the explosions they burn
He sticks me with his finger. I'm a bad number-rater, so I only give comments.
I dislike cheese. Another reason to choose the second choice in my cus'm ti'le.
What the hell 3Dejong's avatar just pictures but I'm gonna give it a 2/10 cause of bowser
I looked at this avatar. I decided never to do again. AAAAAAAAH! 10/10
Like I said, you can stick others with your finger. But that's too un-dangerous to be rated on a numbered scale.
Although they're just random floating heads they still can hurt you.