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Welcome to the Wiki collaboration board! Designed to replace the stagnant Pipeprojects system, this board is intended to provide a space where users can discuss wiki matters and coordinate projects.

The aim is to have as little barriers to entry as possible to prevent the lack of usage that happened with the old system. Nevertheless, here's a few rules and recommendations you should keep in mind when creating threads.


  • The title of a thread has to clearly indicate what it's about. As a project advances and changes, the title can be modified.
  • Major changes and removals still need to be voted on the proposal page, though the matter can still be discussed here beforehand. If you are unsure of how major a change is, then contact a member of the wiki staff.
  • When a collaboration or request (see below) is considered done by the editors involved, the thread is locked and sent to the archive board.

In addition, all of the preexisting forum rules still apply.

Thread types

  • Collaborations Editing projects that involve multiple users (for ex: removing obselete categories on multiples pages or improving a set of articles). For all intent, this type of thread is the closest in spirit to the old pipeprojects system.
  • Requests: Sometimes, we notice there's a lack of images or info on something that is on the wiki but we don't have the material, time or interest needed to fix that. In that case, it's possible to make a thread to see if anyone can or would be interested in doing the required editing.
  • Wiki Discussions: General discussions about the wiki and its policies. For example, a thread called "Should we bring back the Banjo and Conker coverage?" (note that I really don't recommend making a thread about that since it's quite a dead horse subject).

It is recommended you "tag" Collaborations and Requests thread in their titles to distinguish them from general discussions. For example, a tagged Collaboration thread would be titled "Collab: Improving the Waluigi's Taco Stand pages" and a tagged request thread would be "Request: Making pages for obscure Hungarian comics".
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