Let us pay our respects to the late Joshua Paul LeJeune

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It has been exactly one year since the tragic passing of Joshua Paul LeJeune, better known as Axiomist, a former administrator of Zelda Wiki, founder of WiKirby, and highly contributive and prominent member of Nintendo Independent Wikia Alliance (NIWA). He was well known for his friendly, supportive and dedicated personality, and believing so strongly in the purpose and goals of any project he took part in.

Axiomist was a truly great person, and will be deeply missed. No matter what happens, he will never be forgotten.


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I remember when I heard about this. It was truly a sad day.

R.I.P. Axiomist. We didn't really know each other, but you were a great member, and you will always be missed.


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I've known him for only a little bit but he was a kind and friendly person.

Best wishes go to Axiomist.

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Oh yeah, I remember him. He was a really nice guy - rest in peace. :(


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I knew about this :'( How did he died? He will be Missed