What time do you normally wake up?


Celestial Guide
My bladder always wakes me up between 6:00 AM and 7:00 AM.

Ernest Fine

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7AM for school, then 10AM-12PM for weekends.


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5AM on weekdays, 11:30-12:30 on weekends

Pokemon DP

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7AM on weekdays, anywhere between 8AM to 9AM on weekends.


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6:30 on schooldays

9-11:00 on any other day

Annie Eilenberg

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Usually 6:30-7 on Tuesdays and Fridays, 8-8:30 on Mondays and Thursdays, 10-11 on Wednesdays, and somewhere around 11 on weekends.

It's very class-dependent.


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During this semester:

Monday/Wednesday/Friday = 9am
Tuesday/Thursday = 8am
Saturday/Sunday = noon-ish

This past week has been spring break and I've been waking up between 1pm and 2pm, lololol


Celestial Guide

As for my sister, she gets up around 11-12PM on Weekends.


Thank you based god
7:00 on normal school days, 8:00 on Wednesday (we have late start), and usually somewhere around 10 am on weekends.


Donkey Kong
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Wake up, brush teeth, and swallow about 7 pills, then.... play video games, might get on computer depending on what or if there is a computer game I want to play of course.

So yeah, thats about it.


Wow, you all sleep in.

5:00 on weekdays
6:30 on weekends.

I don't particularly like sleeping.


Katyusha best Girls Und Panzer Girl
At School Times 08:00 mY mum wakes me up.
Weekends 11:14
On School Days its usually 7:40

20 Minutes to check forums & Youtube, 10 minutes to get ready, then the rest of the time until 9 is on the Bus.

On Weekends, it varies. during the holidays it started out as 10, then 11, then as i stayed up later and later, it became 1pm or 2pm usually. I think once i woke up at 3pm. But now its usually 10am.

Scarecrow von Steuben

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Well, usually it's 7 A.M. that I get up in the morning. Then I get fresh and go downstairs. Once I have my bowl and I have my cereal I see everything and think about how the time is going, ticking on and on. Everybody's rushing.