Has your house ever been on fire?


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Well my sister once left her blanket to close to the fireplace, but nothing too major.


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No, haven't even seen fire. Just gas flames for fireplaces.


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@PTR: Whoa, were you in your house when it caught on fire?
My house has never been on fire, although there have been some incidents involving fire.


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Pokémon Trainer Red said:
Has your house ever been on fire?
What!? Fuck no! You should have just named the thread "my house went on fire today ):" because I knew exactly what was coming before I clicked.

My condolences to you and your burnt possessions/pets/family ):

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Pokémon Trainer Red said:
Has your house ever been on fire?
08:08:08 - nice.

Also, sorry to hear that. Hope it isn't too bad.


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Yoshidude99 said:
I'm excpecting to see PTR have a burning house theme now but no
I laughed pretty hard at that first bit.

Also, no.


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My house burnt once, yes, but not down.

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I was going to post a Lemony Snicket quote about fire and all the various ways in which he has certainly never ever set anything on fire ever at all ever, but my copy of the Unauthorized Autobiography is missing and I can't find it on the internet, which makes me sad.


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Nope. The closest thing is either fire in a stove or fire in a fire place