Marioverse Battle #7: Mario & Luigi vs. Wario & Walu


Why does Petey Piranha got to have haters?
Hello everyone, it's time for another battle! But this time I it's going to be
a tag-team battle! Here's the intro.

Peach: Hello People! it's time for another battle!

*Mario & Luigi are seen in an arena with Wario & Waluigi.*

Mario: Time to kiss your butts goodbye!
Wario: You're going to do the butt kissing when we're
done with you!

Waluigi: Yeah! Wait! What? Wario!!! that's nasty!
Luigi: yeah! Don't go there man!

*The entire crowd looks like they might be sick.*

Peach: Wario! You are a sick pig, to say something like that!

*Wario grins evily*

Wario: I know! I'm proud of it!
Mario: bring it on!!!!

*The announcer from the Super Smash Bros. Series voice says the famous words*

Announcer: Ready!!!!! Go!

I hope you all enjoied the intro!

By the way, I seem to have not spelled Waluigi's name all the way. Could someone fix that?
:eek: Love how you put Warios quotes in Yellow!

He's so gonna kick A**
Ohhh noooo! I forgot to make this topic a poll! I am such an idiot!
PJ? Do you think you could fix this problem? Because I don't know how to.
It's not that! I just can't figure out how to fix it to where it's a poll.
ummmmmmmmmm.... petey.... I do'nt mean to be rude but if you're busy... or do'nt think you'll have time or something... "deep breath" couldIpleasedothemarioversebattles? PLEASE? Maybe not just me, we could both do them but...well just wanted to ask.
I think you would make a great addition to the Marioverse Battles! How
about you help me with this one? All I need for you to do, is make the
poll and make the intro like it is in here. But you can make the continuation when enough people have voted.