Will there be another big Mario platformer for the Wii?

Will there be another Big Mario Platformer for Wii?

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Koopa Troopa
I know that usually there is only one big 3-d mario platformer with every console so far but do you think theres a chance for anotherone? if so what
Uniju said:
I don't think so, since there's been one big Mario platformer each console since Super Mario 64.
well they almost had mario 128 for GCN right?
There already was SPM. It was, eeer, 2.5D.
(yeah, Uniju, I know you hate it)
I don't think so, but I wish so
But really, wasn't Mario 128 going to be a big mario platformer for the gamecube? That would have been two as aposed to the usual one.
There have been only 12 platformers in 23 or 24 years: SMB, SMBTLL, SMB2, SMB3, SMW, SML, SML2, SM64, SMS, NSMB, SPM and SMG. (and yes, Uniju, I count SPM as a platformer, if you like it or not :P ) Since the past 15 years only 5 platformers were released. They really, really, REALLY should make moar platformers.