Mario Oil paintings I have done


Hi there Super Mario Board members,

I am very new here, but I'd like to share with you some oil paintings of Mario characters I have done recently.
The feedback I have had online for these has been fantastic so I thought I'd share them here with you all.


Please feel free to click on these links to my blog to see more images:
Oh man, that's awesome. Very nice work.

I'll check the blog later.
Those are pretty awesome.
Nice job! It looks really awesome!
Oh man, those are great ;D I really like the 21 characters thing! Keep up the good work!!
Wow, those look great! Please stay here, though. I hope you didn't join this forum just to advertise your stuff. Nabber hates it when people do that.
I just looked at the whole thing, and all of those are very impressive. I like Boo and the 1-Up Mushroom the best, but all of them are awesome.
Pretty nice...I wish I had that kind of talent.
Those look like a picture of them copied and pasted onto a background. But they aren't. Nice job!