New Super Mario Bros. Wii Custom level ideas


The Brave
I have seen people that have made custom levels for NSMBW game and I really like their dedication. Here's a couple of ideas for custom levels that I hope would make your levels shine.

1: A level that is meant for 2 people to play. For example, there are 2 paths, each for one player. The upper path is mainly straightforward and there are blocks that when ground pounded will bring power-ups for the player in the lower path. The lower path itself have switches that opens up the path in the upper path. The only obstacle in the upper path are the spikes and lower one has common enemies like Goombas but also a few Hammer Brothers. At the end, the player on the upper path has to press a switch to allow the player on the lower path to the flagpole.

2: This level is set underground and has many rooms. Each room has doors to the other rooms and the objective here is to find the room that has a door to the surface and the flag pole. This is easier said than done as the level is basically a huge door maze and many doors only appear when a switch is pressed. Some rooms even have enemies within.

3: This desert level basically a platforming level over a quicksand. If you fall in, you can't go back up.

And that's all the ideas for now. Tell me what do you think. :)