Super Jumpman Bros.

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What if Mario kept the name Jumpman? And Luigi...he could be called Green Jumpman or Player 2 :lol: :lol:!

But really what would have happened?

I can just see it...the Jumpman Wiki...

Paper Jorge

who? am? I?
Dance Dance Revolution: Jumpman Mix :| WEIRD!!

What about...oh no...

Green Jumpman's Mansion or something like that.

...Baby Jumpman. Dr. Jumpman.


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Wajumpman and WaGreenJumpman!

Jumpan Party, Jumpaman Kart, Jumpman Strikers

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@Sir Grodus: Well, I was thinking because of the the phrase "Take a hop, skip and a jump."

@WarioLoaf: Dude, way to kill the fun.

j/k. :P


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How about... Double-dutchman? Nah thats lame.... I got it!