Trivia Thing


the coolest dude ever
This'll work where I ask a question, and whoever answers it gets to make one, and so on.
I just thought i'd try it. You need the question and at least 3 possible answers. (and yes, I know Wikipedia breaks this game, but whatever)

Which of these isn't the name of a real person?

Ima Hogg
Ura Hogg
Bea Hogg
Ima Hogg?

Who did not contribute to that L33T SP34K SM45H3R fad?
I actually can't think of anything at the moment. Someone else can go.
(I don't think this is what the trivia is supposed to be about, but w/e)


(yes I can probably do one this time)
all of them

Duck Hunt Dog?
Tingle totally deserved to be the answer to anything that said he was hated.
Aside from the fact that you wouldn't have any maps outside dungeons in Majora's Mask without him, he translates the eight Triforce charts in Wind Waker (albeit for 398 rupees each), and is impossible to beat the game without his "services" (and you have no idea how much it pains me to say that).
Ok, give me a minute to think of something.

EDIT: ok, thought of one.

Not counting single band-based games (Green Day, Beatles, AC/DC), which artist has the most songs in the Rock Band series?

Foo Fighters
Jimi Hendrix
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Foo Fighters.