Logical Journey Of The Zoombinis

Daniel Dyce

That's what I call hamburgers
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Has anyone ever played this game for the computer one of my favorite games of all time.
You like a game based off logic? mind=blown

Anyway, I think this game came with some other edutainment game I had when I was younger, but it never worked.
Bop this game was fun i played the hell out of it as a kid. I was going to play it the other day but my computer mouse is broken and it wont work on my moms laptop *sad face*
I played this game and I loved it. One of the best edutainment games out there
Oh, hell yes. This game was the shit (as far as edutainment games go, anyway). I'm going to find and play it again as soon as possible.
I played it a little when I was younger. It was pretty fun even though I didn't do a whole lot in it. I might try it again some day for the hell of it if I still have it.
If you finished Work first and got first choice of game, this would always be it in primary school. We spent tons of hours just creating our own little guys.
I actually had the game and i beat it and declared my self the greatest