King Bowser
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Ive notices sometime before i got my wii that this store in my country has been selling fake copies of wii games. (I cant believe my country knows about iso's) And they do something, my friends said something about "soft moding your wii", to it so it can play it.

Im thinking about homebrew at the moment.

Anyways is this even legal? Selling copys of nintendo games for profit.


King Bowser
Yes. Copying games downloaded from the Xbox Live Marketplace to a USB device formatted by an Xbox 360 to use Xbox data and then playing those games on an Xbox 360 via USB is legal, but USB loaders on a Wii aren't.


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Even pirating copyrighted content is illegal. So selling them is even worse than simply pirating them


Celestial Guide
lol buying pirated games

There's no such thing as "more illegal" or "less illegal" as far as I now, but I think it's VERY immoral to buy/sell pirated material. Pirating itself is illegal too of course.


Donkey Kong
Deep in your heart you know the guilt would drive you mad
And the shame would a permanent scar
'Cause you start out stealing games and then you're robbing liquor stores
And selling crack and running over school kids with your car


Eats Lunch at 4:00 pm
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I pirate games and I don't feel guilty about it. I already legally own most of the ISOs anyway