Your Handwriting Style


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A frenzied scrawl that is barely legible, since my sole intent is usually to get out of writing as fast as possible. I devote way more time to typing skills than I do to actual handwriting skills.

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I write cursive, but it's kind of a mess. My 'r's look so much like 'v's.

But people can apparently read it, and that's all that matters !!


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Complete shit.


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So bad that a computer for me to type with was brought so school.


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If you've ever seen my Swapnote messages, you'll know how bad I write. Although, I write better on actual paper. The screen is too small to possibly fit stuff on.


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Mine's impossible to read! This is why I use a Netbook to do my schoolwork (unless it's worksheets. Those are awesome!)


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My writing is all right when i make it smaller and crappier as it gets bigger

I dont bother with cursive since I find it takes more time than print

And my writing on the computer is complete balls cause my mouse is on the wrong hand


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Very, very, very, very, sloppy.

I mean, 85% of the time it's legible, but it's ridiculous.


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I've been complimented on my handwriting multiple was actually typing efficiently that I sucked at for a few years (e.g. unable to type without looking at the keyboard). Anyway, my writing looks like the standard English alphabet except for my lowercase g's and y's, which I write with the loop both have in cursive (I've written in cursive for a much too large portion of my life).


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Discord said:
How accurate is your tablet handwriting to your regular handwriting?
I drew it with a mouse but it's 100% accurate to my real handwriting.