User Big Brother II - End - Smasher won!

Welcome all to where the second season of UBB will take place! I, BMB, will be hosting the game.

Rules & Standards ~
Each cycle of the game goes by week-esque phases, with 14 houseguests entering the game at Week 1. The cycles will substain for 10 weeks, with number of houseguests decreasing each week. At the end of the 10 weeks, one of the two remaining houseguests will be crowned winner by the jury.

At the beginning of the week, players will compete for Head of Household (HoH), which will provide them both safety from eviction for the rest of the week as well as power over everyone else. The previous houseguest - if there is one - will not be able to compete for it. There is only one HoH a week, and winning it only provides safety and power for the week you win it.

After the HoH is crowned, there will be a food/luxury competition. Winning them will give benefits to the players later on, while losing them can give consequences that they'll regret. Once that is over, the HoH will decide which two players that would like to nominate. The two nominees will be up for eviction at the end of the week, or until the Veto nominations.

Halfway through the week, six players will compete for the Gold Power of Veto (PoV), which could veto a nomination by the HoH. The veto players consists of the Head of Household, the two nominees, and three houseguests selected by random. If the veto is used, the HoH will automatically have to replace the saved nominee with a replacement nominee. The HoH cannot put up the Veto holder, nor the saved nominee if they didn't win the veto. If the veto isn't used, the nominations stay the same.

At the end of the week, the nominees will have one final chance to pled to their fellow houseguests if they wish. One by one, Houseguests will vote for who they want to evict. The nominees and HoH are unable to vote, but the HoH will be able to vote in the chance of a tie. All votes will be accounted for, even if a majority is reached. Once the majority of votes have been tallied, the houseguest will be evicted, and unable to re-enter the house.

Once the game gets down to nine players, every houseguest that gets evicted past that point becomes a jury member. The jury member - which will consist of seven members by the end of the game - will vote for who they want to win the season.

Other Notes -
  • PM's will be send throughout the week with rules for what to do when it is a HoH, Food/Luxury, or Veto competition.
  • When players go to evict someone, they must send a PM to the host for who they want to evict.
  • Once a player joins the game, they will be unable to quit the game after the Final 9, unless under certain circumstances.
  • There will be a few twists in the game that will make it more challenging. Players will be noted and should be aware of anything that happens.
  • This season will introduce the function of Endurance Competitions, a test of wits - mental wits in this case.
  • This will be updated more often than User Big Brother 1. Weeks should take between 1.5 or 2 weeks real time.
  • Players that don't send in their challenge answers/results back in 48 hour time limit will be disqualified from the competition, save for certain circumstances.

Houseguests -
Dry Petey
Goomba's Shoe
New Super Mario

Table of Contents
Blue - Head of Household
Orange - Golden Power of Veto Holder
Teal - HoH and PoV Holder
Green - Nominated for Eviction
Pink - Safe from Eviction
Brown - Vetoed from Eviction
Red - Evicted/Quit
Purple - Jury Member
Silver - Runner-up
Gold - Winner

Week 1 ~
HoH - Icebreakers - LuigiNo.1
Luxury/Food - Guess that phrase - Nabber's duo
Nominated (pre) - Nabber and NSM
Veto - Veto Me! - QuizmoManiac
Nominated (post) - Nabber and Javelin
Evicted - Javelin (6 out of 11)

Week 2 ~
HoH - Majority Rules - Nabber
Luxury/Food - Names within a Name - Nabber's duo
Nominated (pre) - Smasher and Bop
Veto - Ace of Veto! - Nabber
Nominated (post) - Bop and Lily
Evicted - Bop (7 out of 10)

Week 3 ~
HoH - Mazed and Confused - Pyro
Food Competition - Unknown Concoctions - LuigiNo.1
Nominated (pre) - LuigiNo.1 and UltraMario
Veto - In the moment of Veto - Lily
Nominated (post) - LuigiNo.1 and UltraMario
Evicted - LuigiNo.1 (7 out of 9)

Week 4 ~
HoH - Rock, Paper, User - New Super Mario.
Food Competition - Flavors in a Blanket - Nabber's and New Super Mario's Duo
Nominated (pre) - Nabber and Dry Petey
Veto - Veto Love - Nabber
Nominated (post) - Quizmo and Dry Petey
Evicted - Dry Petey (5 out of 8*)

* - There was a penalty vote, making the total number of votes 9.
Week 5 ~
HoH - Check Mate - QuizmoManiac
Nominated (pre) - Nabber and Toad
Veto - Coin that Veto - Toad
Nominated (post) - Nabber and UltraMario
Left - Toad

Double Eviction ~
HoH - Who would most likely... - Smasher
Nominated (pre) - Nabber and Quizmo
Veto - Veto in a ball-pit - FireEevee
Nominated (post) - Nabber and Quizmo
Evicted - Nabber (6 out of 6)

Week 6 ~
HoH - Foe-to-Finish - Goomba's Shoe
Pandora's Box - Opened
Nominated (pre) - Lily and FireEevee
Veto - Big Brother Veto Yard - Lily
Nominated (post) - Pyro and FireEevee
Evicted - Pyro (4 out of 5)

Week 7 ~
HoH - title - Smasher
Pandora's Box - Opened
Nominations (pre) - FireEevee and UltraMario
Veto - Veto Roulette - Smasher
Nominations (post) - FireEevee and UltraMario
Evicted - UltraMario (3 out of 4)

Week 8 ~
HoH - Raising the Bar - Lily
Pandora's Box - Opened
Nominations (pre) - New Super Mario and Goomba's Shoe
Veto - Title - Smasher
Nominations (post) - Nabber and Goomba's Shoe
Evicted - Nabber (4 out of 4)

Double Eviction ~
Power Player - Goomba's Shoe
Evicted - FireEevee (1 out of 1)

Week 9 Part 1~
HoH - Bichemistry Lab - Smasher
Nominations (pre) - New Super Mario and Quizmo
Veto - Pandora's Box win - Lily
Nominations (post) - New Super Mario and Quizmo
Evicted - New Super Mario (2 out of 2)

Week 9 Part 2~
HoH - To Be Honest - Lily
Nominations (pre) - Goomba's Shoe and Quizmo
Veto - Veto to Remember - Smasher
Nominations (post) - Goomba's Shoe and Quizmo
Evicted - Quizmo (1 out of 1)

Week 10 ~
HoH - Part 1 - Lily
HoH - Part 2 - Smasher
HoH - Part 3 - Lily
Evicted - Goomba's Shoe (1 out of 1)

Finale ~
Runner-up - Lily (2 votes)
Winner - Smasher (5 votes)

Dr. Javelin

Nathan Latsk
Re: User Big Brother II - Sign-ups await!

Wait a second.

How did I sign up for this without signing up for this?

Re: User Big Brother II - Sign-ups await!

Javelin, I asked a few players - such as yourself - before the game began.

Don't act so surprised.

EDIT - Oh wait, that was Nabber. >.<

You wanna play Javelin?

Dr. Javelin

Nathan Latsk
Re: User Big Brother II - Sign-ups await!

Fi said:
Javelin, I asked a few players - such as yourself - before the game began.

Don't act so surprised.

I think I might have to go hunting in my PMs again...

Dr. Javelin

Nathan Latsk
Re: User Big Brother II - Sign-ups await!

Fi said:
Inb4hecomesback - I wonder hold long it will take before he re-reads my updated post?
About two second after reading your post.

Sure put me in or whatever.
Re: User Big Brother II - Sign-ups await!

New Super Mario said:
When I sign up for the next one (BMB's) I'm not gonna do any backdooring. Less hassle
Gonna take that as a sign-up request until he responds otherwise.


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Re: User Big Brother II - Sign-ups await!



That's what I call hamburgers
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Re: User Big Brother II - Sign-ups await!



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Re: User Big Brother II - Sign-ups await!

Oh, also, I don't think that the winner of UBB1 should be able to play (which would only affect this if it were Lily, really.) Maybe the top three shouldn't play?

Also, you actually have to get people to like you in this game? Shoot, I'm not good with relationships.
Re: User Big Brother II - Sign-ups await!

Well, if we were going by more than just the required standards of the game, I wouldn't let anyone in UBB1 play.

Besides, we can think of this as the Big Brother All-Stars season or Big Brother 13, as they did have former Big Brother players & winners re-participate in the game.


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Re: User Big Brother II - Sign-ups await!



Re: User Big Brother II - Sign-ups await!

Well, I hosted the first one. Might as well play the second.
Re: User Big Brother II - Sign-ups await!

Wow, I don't think even my mafia games get these many sign-ups in such short notice.

Well, hopefully I can find the other 2 players that wanna play by the time UBB1 ends. As soon as UBB1 ends, and we got everyone, this game will begin.


Gallade is awesome.
Re: User Big Brother II - Sign-ups await!

Even if I have to quit Amazing Race to have enough time for this, I'm in!
Re: User Big Brother II - Sign-ups await!

Well, I got UltraMario to somehow sign-up.

So with that, all the players are here! I'll still allow any sign-ups from now till the end of UBB1 to come. But other than that, we are basically ready to start the game!