Total Drama Island!


Gallade is awesome.
I'm going to host one a slightly scaled-down version of Total Drama Island, which is like Survivor. I'll take challanges from all 4 seasons, and there are 14 characters. I'll decide the teams using If your teams loses, you all vote for who you want gone. If there is a tie, a tiebreaker will ensue in thread. Whoever gets eliminated will take the dock of shame, but you could come back. The winner will recieve a backroundless drawing of a Mario character(I can't guarantee a good drawing though). In the final 2, you will compete in a 3-part challange lasting 6 days.

Killer Mario's
0. Vinnie (Svetlana)Flinged away in a catapult Day 2.
0. Smasher was murdered by Gamzee Makara Day 3.
1. LuigiNo.1 (Shoop da Woop)
2. Pokemon Trainer Red
3. FireEevee (uranianUmbreon)
4. Pyroguy (Pyro)

Screaming Luigi's
1. Gutseh Man (Creeper)
2. Baby Mario Bloops (Fi)
3. New Super Mario
4. Lakituthequick
0. Goomba's Shoe15 (Matlock)Melted in lava episode 1.
0. Lily quit day 4.
Hell yes
Challanges take 2-4 days. Voting takes until everyone has voted or 1 week. Tiebreakers take until both have sent in their ___.
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