What is/was your parents' career/job?


My dad writes journals and books for Planned Parenthood. He has a Wikipedia article.

My mom's an accountant.


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My dad is a Union Ironworker and works in & around Chicago. He does a lot of putting in railings and stairs in various places; and my mom works at my county government in the Auditor's office as a bookkeeper.


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Mom doesn't have a job... she's studying tho.

my stepfather on the other hand...I think he has work related to metal or something like that.


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Dad works for AT&T and does a bunch of techy stuff, what exactly I don't know.

My mom doesn't really work but does sell Longaberger baskets and stuff.

Toad2012 said:
My dad writes journals and books for Planned Parenthood. He has a Wikipedia article.
o sweet a wikipedia article
I'm curious to know which one exactly.


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Oh, and my mom was also once a teacher before I was born.
She's thinking about going back now, but it would be sort of a problem since then both my parents would have day-jobs.


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Both my mom and my dad work at the UM and tutor. In fact my mom is a director of something. But what it is I won't say. :evilgrin: :evilgrin:
My mom is a Pre-School teacher's assistant and my dad works with nuclear medicine I think. He works with obese people all the time and does cat scans of something like that

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My mother works at a nearby college, as a learning assistant. My dad is kind of self-employed, buying stuff at auctions and then selling it elsewhere.


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My Mum Used to work in a Bank