Ever seen any British comedy shows?

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Mostly directed at people who live out of Britain. If so, which ones have you seen?

My favourite is Father Ted.


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They show a few on Adult Swim (Cartoon Network's late-night stuff), and I have access to BBC America.

I really like Look Around You because it's really silly without being waaaay too absurd and stupid. I probably like it because it's only on really late at night and I'm in a half-asleep stupor, but I still think it's good :P

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Monty Python, Fawlty Towers, Mr. Bean, The Goodies. There are more, but those are the main ones.


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The Office and (if it counts) An Idiot Abroad (can't wait for Bucket List)


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Top Gear (if it counts) and Mr. Bean.

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Magus said:
Holy shiiiiiiiiiiiit, how'd I forget that? Top Gear is, like, my favourite contemporary British show ever.


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Top Gear. Holy shit I love that show. Also, Mr. Bean and Monty Python.
Looks like I've seen the same as everyone else.