Mushroom Destiny RPG

It's been a year since Galaxy, and Bowser controls half of the world. To make his rule pernament, he brainwashed mario and his friends to serve him. There seems there isn't any hope left, but we're the only hope.

Fill out a profile and help me out at Goomba Valley.


Weppon: (has to be mario related.)

Name: Goomber
Age: 18
Cloths: A little hat
Speices: Goomba
Weppon: Fire Flower Crackers

Goomber: Oh no. I think I've been spotted by a para Goomba.


Power Star
Name: H4x0r
Age: 15
Clothes: Helmet, shell armour (It might be the shell. Nobody knows.)
Species: Hammer Bro.
Weapon: Hammers! Dun dun dun

So... what happens after that?
(spots the rest of the guys)
Goomber: Help me out guys. We have to get to the other side of the valley!

(i throw a firecracker at a group of Spiked Goombas.)


Power Star
(When my character was 9 years old, he got a brain disease causing him to use numbers and symbols when talking.)

|-|01Y \/\/@|=Fl£2! 5p|kY 60()m84$.
(Holy waffles! Spiky Goombas.)
*throws hammers at goombas*


"You greedy punk!" - Mona, WarioWare MMG
Name: Topmaster
Age: 11
Cloths: erm... a navy metal skin with lime (color) blades... ( I look like Topmaniac with more circulate blade, without evil-looking eyes and that spike on the top (not the red thing))
Speices: Topman
Weppon: "Spin" with my blades
Goomber: Okay guys. We have to get to a secret HQ at the other side of the valley. But whatever you do, don't attract any enemies to our base!