What Internet browser do you use?


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Firefox. Used to use Internet Explorer but i didn't like it so i decided to switch to Firefox. Was a great decision.


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Used to use Firefox, and I use Safari on my iPod though, so really, anything but IE. Besides, IE can't view those beautiful round edges on some templates.
I used IE, but it started freezing up my computer. I use Chrome now, but I still like IE because its more user-friendly.


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Sharks Territory said:
Firefox. I like Chrome, but for some reason the version I have has problems with PDFs.
What kind of problems?

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Either IE or Google Chrome (as I tend to alternate between both). However, I generally prefer Chrome over IE as I find the former to being quite a bit quicker when browsing through the web.


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Safari but I use it the IPad. I do want to get a Laptop though.

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I used to use IE, then I kept switching between Chrome, FF and Safari. I now just use safari, it is VERY quick.

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Internet Explorer and Firefox. I, for some reason, feel the need to use Firefox for this forum, Twitter, Facebook, my forum, Twitter, tumblr, GPX+ etc., and IE for the MarioWiki, Userpedia, the Userpedia Forum, Xephyr, and most other stuff. I've got a lot of bookmarks on IE, so I guess I use that so I don't have to go through the trouble of re-bookmarking other shit.

I have Chrome, but I only use it occasionally for Angry Birds.


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I Use IE|PS It sucks but it works faster on my Laptop