UltraMario's User poster project


Donkey Kong
Similar to SonicMario's Pony Project, just featuring users' sprite avatars in a big group image. Post your sprites here for me to use.

UltraMario (Credit to CyberWolf and ZatchHunter)
Smasher (Credit to Boo's Mansion)
Marioguy1 (credit to Mr. bones, Edofenrir, and Wiiboy4ever)
Brock (Credit to extremerasengan45 and Paper Jorge)
Gamefreak75 (credit to Edofenrir and Starpower)
Hypnotoad (credit to Mr. bones, megamario1234, and Fawful Magikoopa)
Banjo (credit to A.J. Nitro)
GalacticPetey (credit to Boo's Mansion)
Pokémon Trainer Red (credit to redblueyellow)
SonicMario (credit to SonicMario and the original spriter)
N (credit to Mason and Ridge Troopa)
Mason (credit to Mason, A.J. Nitro, NES Boy, and Quickie-la)
QuizmoManiac (Credit to Mason, Frario, Tomberry2k, Jack Chuck, A.J. Nitro, Goomba X, and Dark Kamek)
2257 (Credit to Edofenrir)
Toadbert101 (Credit to Toadbert 101 and A.J. Nitro)
DarkHero Sonic the Dark (Credit to DarkHero Sonic, Byaku the Hedgehog, Hybrid the Hedgehog, and Marnic the Hedgehog)
Turboo (Credit to Sphacks)
Master Crash (Credit to Master Crash, many spriters around TSR and MFGG, Ted, and Grim)
Super Mario Bros. (Credit to original spriter and Super Mario Bros.)
Epic Nitwit (Credit to Sploder)
Ralphfan (Credit to Wiiboy4ever and Edofenrir)
Yoshidude99 (Credit to the original spriter)
New Super Mario (Credit to Glukom, William777, and Shyguy27)
Nabber (Credit to Crazy Koopa, Mageker, and Lemon
FireEevee (Credit to Drshnaps)
LuigiNo.1 (Credit to Jackster and RandomTalkingBush)
Goomba's Shoe15 (Credit to original spriter)
YoshiGo99 (credit to Parakoopa and A.J. Nitro)
PyroGuy6 (credit to PyroGuy6, Parakoopa, A.J. Nitro, and Havoc)


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Let me get my sprites. (Though since you're the one you made them you might already have them :P)


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Lol MG1 posted the link twice in a row and broke it


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Do I have to grab them? They are on my userpedia page. :( I'll get them if I need to, but...

I think both my official "brock" sprites and my "mario brock sprites" courtesy of Jorge are on that page.


Donkey Kong
But which sprites? The PiT ones, the PM ones, the Fire ones, the shirlock one, the baby one, or the Pikmin one?