Tiny Tower Thread


Power Star
This game is for smartphone and iPad and it is very fun game and I have 11 floors in android and 4 floors in iPad
I play it I have 41 Floors

My friend has 60 so far.
My dad has over 100 floors.
Which is your favorite store?

Mini Golf in Android

Arcade in iPad with staff wearing Mario and Luigi clothes
dont really have one.

Here are my floors

#1: Lobby
#2: Locy's Cheap Apt (Storage Apts.) [My Friend Locy Always has Cheap Brand Food. Thus, Named Cheap Apts.]
#3: Chung Choi Kafei (Coffee Shop) [Kafei is Chinese for Coffee. Chung Choi are Random Chinese-Sounding Words]
#4: Gay Tony's Club (Night Club) [Named after UberHaxorNova's Gay Tony Jumps on Youtube]
#5: Trolololol Apts. (Sweetside Apts.) [Couldn't think of a name so did something random]
#6: Alcoholic Heaven (Soda Brewery) [Yes, it's Soda, but it looks like a Beer Factory]
#7: Sanity (Music Store) [Sanity is a Music Store in Real Life]
#8: The Tacky Apts. (Plainlake Apts.) [They were Pink, so I thought it fit]
#9: OMGWTFBBQ (Comedy Club) [I thought of it, You didn't. U Jelly?]
#10: Henry's Sucky Spa (Day Spa) [I asked my friend Henry for a name for it and he said Sucky Spa. I stuck his name on too]
#11: Really Asian Apt (Lotus Apts.) [Asked my friend what it looked like. He said Really Asian]
#12: Ikea (Furniture Store) [Ikea is a Massive Shop in Real Life. Mostly Furniture, But other stuff]
#13: gnilwoB niP neT (Bowling Alley) [What is Ten Pin Bowling backwards?]
#14: Robert's Gay Apts. (Ivymoss Apts.) [I asked for a name, Robert said Gay Apts. Added his name to make him look dumb]
#15: Crapmail Service (Ship & Print) [Mail can sometimes be shipped crappily]
#16: Glass Sucks Yay (Glass Studio) [No. Really. Who would want random Glass?]
#17: Ooga Booga Apts. (Safari Apts.) [Reminded me of Tribal. Which before I knew what was, thought was Ooga Booga stuff]
#18: Subway (Sub Shop) [Wut. It was coming eventually]
#19: Hentai Rentai (Book Store) [Atleast it's not Porno Rental like my Friends Store was]
#20: Average Apts. (Cottage Apts.) [They looked too Normal]
#21: Da Cake Is a Lie (Cake Studio) [Had to make it Da isnted of The due to word limit]
#22: Ice Cold Cream (Frozen Yoghurt) [Frozen = Ice Cold. Yoghurt = Cream]
#23: Old Person Apts. (70's Apts.) [70 is Pretty Old]
#24: OMGSOARTY Apts. (Art Deco. Apts) [They don't even look Artistic!]
#25: That Guy (Tatto Parlor) [Don't Ask]
#26: Odd Apts. (Mismatch Apts.) [It looked Strange]
#27: Rejected CD's (Record Shop) [Who Uses Records Now? Nobody]
#28: Food From Hell (Mexican Food) [Don't Blame Me. Blame 'Grown-Ups' Movie. "Hell" "Don't Say That" "Alright, Mexico"]
#29: Toucan Apts. (Tuscana Apts.) [Tuscana Sound's like Toucan. Plus I was watching AttackingTucans]
#30: Volley Stadium (Volleyball Club) [Just a Name]
#31: Fat People Apts. (Broadleaf Apts.) ['Broad' always reminded me of the word Fat. Ta-dah]
#32: Ming Moo Tea (Tea House) [Asked my Mum for Chinesey Words. She said Ming Moo]
#33: Yoshikartwii Sig (Graphic Design) [Well he makes Sigs. And I was looking at his thread at the time]
#34: Flammable Apts. (Rustic Apts.) [Seriously. It's made of wood]
#35: Ozgameshop.com (Game Store) [It's where I buy my PAL Games]
#36: Scary Place (Dentist's Office) [*Shiver*]
#37: 50 Year Old Apt. (50's Apts.) [I already used Old People]
#38: Virus Givers (Softward Studio) [Oh Noes! Trojan Virus Thing!]
#39: Fish Ppl Apts. (Aquatic Apts.) [They have Fish tanks]
#40: Pedo Hideout (Toy Store) ["Come to the Pedo Hideout and we'll giev you great Deals" Said the girl on Bitbook]
#41: Brant's Barber (Barber Shop) [Brant is my Name. Don't ask about the Barber part. It's Personal Info.]
#42: Wifi Apts. (Hifi Apts.) [Hifi --> Wifi. See wat i did thar]
Yep. Thats all so far.
I want to have Bowling alley and I once fired 1 person less than 1 min after he moved in my tower
You should use Tower Bucks to Upgrade your elevator. I got to the third elevator then I started upgrading shops. I use them for Bringing in new Residents, Upgrading Shops and every once in a while, Making Stock go faster.
When People are in the Elevator send them to their floor they want. Sometimes they tip you Tower Bucks. Or clicking on the Blue Person Icon at the bottom when it appears and finding the Bitizen.
I found out that if my time/date match to someone's birthday, I will get tower bux
Yes, As well as giving them their Dream Job. But be careful with changing time and date. if you have stock and then its still got maybe an hour, then you rewind the time, itll glitch out.
Used my sisters iPhone to try the cheat. Got 40 something floors but it was soooo stupid. I thought "Ill get every floor!" but it isn't the same s working hard to get the floors.

Took me a month to he my 42 floors.
Devil Jin said:
Don't you understand cheating in tiny towers is the stpidest thing possible?

Yeah, seriously. It's more fun to just earn the floors yourself. Do you not understand how sad that is that you're cheating, ToxBox? What the hell is the point?
Mariomario64 said:
how do you cheat in tiny tower

that makes no sense

You fast forward your time settings. I tried it myself to see if it was good. It's incredibly repetitive and shitty. I wasnt proud of my tower at all.