Count male vs female


Art by BBQ Turtle
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As there are many counting topics, I create a new sort of counting. First the male count, starting from 1, then when a female post she starts at 1 and then the next female posts 2. The next male starts at 1 again.

Male: 1
Male: 2
Male: 3
Male: 4
Female: 1
Female: 2
Male: 1
Male: 2

Piece of cake!
To make it a bit fun, as long as male hasn't reached 10, female aren't allowed to count, and vice versa! This doesn't mean counting further as 10 isn't allowed, you can go further as 10 as long the previous post is of your gender.
To make it easy it is recommended to note your gender.
Lets begin:


Gallade is awesome.
What about this: Boys Girls