King Bowser
Did you guys download this on Eshop for 3DS? Its a really fun software ^-^
My friend and I are having fun with it.

Ernest Fine

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It's great. Getting loads of messages, though. X_X


King Bowser
I'm enjoying Swapnote XD
Finally I don't have to send my friends messages trough the friends list.(which were very limited)


bone pun
I love this! It rawks the house! Paper Mario 2 reference and bad pun


King Bowser
I hope this isn't the 3DS replacement of Flipnote. It probably isn't, since it's called Nintendo Letter Box here in Australia.

Swapnote is pretty cool. I just got it and I'm trying it out as I post this.

Lily x

Proboly not, if/when I get Flipnote on 3ds, I will make a huge flipnote demanding I get all 9000 gold and 10 green stars back and that I get all my flipnotes, bronze citizenship and 18 fans back too.

Now I got some more friends it's more fun. It's really good fun.


The Last Story
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...How the heck do you send messages? There's no option to send anything for me. All I can do is draw stuff.


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Are your internet on? Also after you click "Spotpass", you can select your friends you want to send


The Last Story
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I have Spotpass on, but not Streetpass. And I still see nothing that will let me send a message to view a friend list.

EDIT: Well, I thought I turned it on, but it wasn't. I think I can figure it out now.