Virtual Console Exchange Sign-Up

No, it's by country AFAIK.
Can i sign up. I want to give someone something(Maybe Wayo cause we live close) but i am not sure if my parents will let me usse their money

1636 7104 8078 4901
Alphaclaw, I'll put you on the "Maybe" list, since you're at least willing to participate, but may not have the money. Let us know how things work out before the deadline.

Participants so far

United States

Dodoman - 4571 6964 8163 5199
(Maybe) Alphaclaw11 - 1636 7104 8078 4901


Booster - 1778 5893 5670 3653
Last call people! Remember, you have until 8PM EST to sign up. Alphaclaw, can you confirm that you're able to participate by then?
Alright guys the gift exchange is cancelled due reasons beyond my control. :(

Alphaclaw, it's now or never, if you're going to send Dodoman a gift, do it by tomorrow sometime. Dodoman, don't feel obliged to send Alphaclaw a gift unless he does so for you or you really want to.