New Poke Ball Pokemon in 4 Suggestions


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Well, obviously we'll have new Poke Ball Pokemon, and I figured we should make this.

Here's my suggestions:

Snivy - Slashes everyone with Leaf Blade in a similar way to Weavile in Brawl.
Oshawott - Appears, jumps up, and slashes a random character with its scalchop.
Tepig - Uses Heat Crash on a random character. The less damage the character has taken, the more damage Heat Crash does.
Plusle & Minun - Appear, go to the opposite sides of the screen, and release a weak electric shock. They then come together for a huge shock that covers a majority of the screen.
Woobat - Appears and uses Heart Stamp. HS has a high knockback rate.
Emolga - Appears and uses Volt Switch on someone. Emolga then dissapears and another random Pokemon appears out of nowhere. Emolga cannot appear this way.
Lillipup - Uses Odor Sleuth on anyone under the effect of items and deletes those effects.
Heracross - Appears on the left side of the stage and runs across, using Megahorn. Whoever is hit suffers severe damage.
Hitmonchan - Punches in a similar way to Captain Falcon.
Hitmonlee - Kicks in a similar way to Caption Falcon.
Zorua - Appears and transforms into a random player and assists the summoner.

Golurk - Custom Robo clone.
Hydregion - Travels to the right side of the screen and releases a Dragon Pulse, covering the entire bottom of the stage.
Reuniculus - Uses Trick Room. Trick Room has the same effects as it does in Pokemon - slows down fast characters and fastens slow characters. If another Reuniculus is summoned, the effects of TR are cancelled.
Salamence - Flys up to the screen and crashes down on someone, then it releases a DragonBreath on another character.
Krookodile - Uses Earthquake. During the Earthquake the ground shakes and many random objects fall from the sky, damaging players.
Dugtrio - Digs underground. A moment later, Dugtrio pops out of the ground and hits a player. No player can jump during this time, and Dugtrio can appear on any platform.

Victini - A giant V appears above the screen, and Victini releases a huge blast, hitting all players except the summoner. One of the rarest you can find, along with Mew, Celebi, Manaphy and Jirachi.
Zekrom - Flys to the top of the screen and releases a huge blast on a player (Bolt Strike), or flies up into the air and crashes down on a player (Fusion Bolt).
Reshiram - Same as Zekrom, except with Blue Flare and Fusion Flare.
Kyurem - Uses Glaciate on the nearest target that isn't the summoner.


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Not bad except that there's only 6 none Gen-5s that I counted. I was thinking 60, 12 from each Generation.

My list(warning misspelled pokemon names):

Generation 1


I'll get the rest of the gens later.


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Thundurus+Tornadus+Landorus: each them appear at the top screen and, after spreading across evenly, each send down they're element, then switch around send again, and after doing three times, they disappear (ps. each of the element does a different thing, land sends foe that it lands on flying away with massive damage, while lightning does little damage, but stuns, and a tornado does constant damage, but with each damage not very large)


Gallade is awesome.
We don't need 3 of the same pokemon.


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they aren't the same. :P read the three names. And anyways Latios and Latias are in the same one, so why not three?


Gallade is awesome.
2 is okay, 3 is too much. It takes up 3 spots Zekrom and Reshiram deserve more.


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I'd like to see Magikarp. It would use splash attacks at first, but if someone hits it, it will turn into Gyarados and use Hyper Beam.