Luigi's Mansion 2

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There is a new Luigi's Mansion that is in the process of being made foe Nintendo 3ds. Like its predecessor there bosses and a number of ghosts needed to unlock these bosses. Plus keys to open different room doors. The release date is unknown but it is coming in 2012. :luigi: Will Luigi's job never end? 8)


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1. We know.
2. Luigi's job? He barely does anything.
3. Sheesh, we already have a thread for this!
Supertails10 said:
Man you guys are tough on me. I just signed up for this website today. :(
Don't worry, it takes a while to figure out. There is another thread for this, so make sure you look and make sure there isn't before making a topic


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every upcoming game already has a thread

so stop thinking we're idiots for not making these threads
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