Endless Rock-Paper-Scissors

All you do is list some kind of element, then explain why it beats a previous one. You can post as many times as you want, but not many times in a row. Here's an example of some posts-

Member1: Paper.
Member2: Scissors (Cuts paper)
Member3: Fire (Melts scissors)
Member1: Water (Puts out fire)

However, when you reach a certain point, where the game cannot be continued, someone else can start a new game.
Now, to start!



Shy Guy
Sends out Pompeii's Zombies (Already killed by volcano)


Just a flight attendant guy.
The combined might of the star scepter and a Hyper Mushroom.

The star scepter is twice as powerful as the star rod, and as I mentioned in the Mariowiki Brawl thread, eating a HM gives you power over reality.


A Li'l Sparky

It'll destroy ure tank( reference to avatar)