Blorb Mushrooms


I think the appearance of Blorb Mushrooms are pinkish. The reason why I think of this is because in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time when Bowser meets the mysterious seller (Fawful), you can see his shop/stand has a Vacuum Mushroom in the middle with Pink Mushrooms orbiting it which could be Blorb Mushrooms since as we know he's only sold Blorb Mushrooms to the Toads and the Vacuum Mushroom to Bowser. :toad:


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I think you mean Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. They could be Blorb Mushrooms, but there's no proof.


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I think they look the same as normal Muchroom.


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Maybe the one he gave Bowser was a Blorb Mushroom because it is possible that it would have different effects on Spiked Koopas