Stop pop up AD?


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When I enter mariowiki everytime, AD always pop up, even I blocked them and my firefox said that it prevented it from pop up and it still pop up, how I can stop that?

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Are you signed in when this happens? Because from my experience it only happens when you aren't signed in.


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I have no ads in the wiki currently, due to my current plug-ins.

You use Firefox, correct? You should download stuff like NoScript or Adblock to block ads you don't want to see.

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I also have the very same issue. I use Internet Explorer and Google Chrome though. However, this issue only occurs to me whenever I am not signed in (exactly as MC stated). Upon signing in the ads no longer pop-up for me.

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I have the same issue.
Um. is there a way to remove the one where you win an iPad? I mean, I've won 5,000 times already and it's annoying to click off of it everytime I go on the wiki.