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Who is the most evil character?

  • Smithy

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  • Cackletta

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  • Shadow Queen

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  • Princess Shroob/Elder Princess Shroob

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Since we're all talking about evil and Bowser, I've decided to make a poll for it. I excluded Bowser and King Boo because I KNOW you diehard Bowser and King Boo fans would obviously pick him.

Smithy-Invaded the Mushroom Kingdom to industrialize it with Robots and Machines.

Cackletta-Stole the wish granting Beanstar to rule the world.

Shadow Queen-Not intrested in world domination, but to cause all living thing with pain and sorrow.

Princess Shroob/Elder Princess Shroob-Invaded the Mushroom Kingdom to find a better home for her people, unintentionally killing many Toads and mutating many creatures.
Weird, no else has voted, by the way I just have to ask, after many unsuccessful tries I just can't seem to make a poll, anybody have any tips?
No contest here. It's the Shadow Queen.

And Sir Grodus, when making a thread, scroll down to the bottom, add your question, then add a possible choice. Click "Add Choice", and then add all your other choices the same way.

Shadow Queen.

She Possesed Peach.

She brought darkness to the world.

She turned osme heroes into demons .

She destroyed Rogeport.

She tried to kill Mario (What villain doesn't)?




Shadow in her name.

This is no contest.
Oops, Sir Grodus double posted again.

Anyway, the Shadow Queen was very evil, but I still have no idea what she really wanted. World Domination? Or simply to cause pain to others. She couldn't be THAT evil because Vivian, a member of her species, is actually quite sweet.

Also, Shadow Queen is still part of a specie of Shadow Sirens, but are there more? Are there only four Shadow Sirens? Or were there actually many Shadow Sirens before and those four are the only ones left?
Technically we only ever saw the Shadow Queen's immortal and warped soul, here body was destroyed by the heroes, a lot of people kind of forget that. I wonder what she originally looked like?
Were the other Shadow Sirens the same way?
Dunno, my theory is the Shadow Queen made the Sirens using chunks of her own soul, explaining their similar appearance to her soul.
Huh? That makes no sense. Vivian couldn't POSSIBLY come from her.
Just because Vivian is kind doesn't mean she couldn't come from the Shadow Queen, children can end up being extremely different from their parent(s).
The Shadow Queen probably had some good in her, evil can't exist without goodness. Perhaps Vivian had some goodness from the Shadow Queen if she was spawned from her.
So can you explain why and when she lost those chunks? She was no less evil before the heroes imprisoned her.