I need help in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door


King Bowser
I post this because I didn't see other place where it would fit properly, so... If I'm breaking any rule, please let me know. In fact, you can delete the thread after my doubt has been answered.

I'm already desperate, guys! I don't know what to do. See, this is the problem:

I just got for the very first time to Fahr Outpost. I know that what I have to do is talk to the mayor (the green, mustached Bob-Omb who's south to the cannon monument) while having Bobbery with me. I did this, and all he says is "Da, another peaceful day in Fahr Outpost". What do I do? I also talked to Goldbob having Bobbery with me and all he says is he can't buy a train for his son, and of course no one even talks about General White.

What is going on? The mayor is supposed to lie about the cannon if I have any other partner that is not Bobbery and when I have him, he's supposed to tell the truth, but no. He just says that it's a peaceful day in Fahr Outpost. Do you think this is a programmation error or something?

HELP, please!!
I forgot. You could always look it up on IGN or something.
We all know how to find GameFAQs; try there.
Wrong location. It should go to Help Desk.

Just kidding! You should be in the right place to ask for Paper Mario help!

Anyways, I forgot as well. Maybe you should to try to explore the village around a bit.
I checked in IGN, Gamefaqs and GuiasNintendo and that's exactly what they tell me to do :C I thought that maybe he would bring up the cannon if I talked to everyone on the village first but I did it and nothing happened.
Try this video.

Explore the town around a bit.

I DID IT!! All I had to do was talk to Professor Frankly -__- Anyway, thanks for your help, guys!! Mods, delete the thread, please!