User Survivor - Day 1


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You've all watched Survivor. If you haven't, *ZELDA ITEM MUSIC* DA-DA-DA-DAA!!!

I know some of the stuff is long, but push through, please.

Important rules not mentioned in the Wikipedia article:

1. No spamming or flaming.
2. Challenges will be played in a similar matter to User Big Brother.
3. Toad's the co-host.

KEY: Eliminated Dropped Out of Challenge, Left, Won Current Challenge, Lost Current Challenge

SIGN UWPS (as many as you wish!)
1. Smasher
2. New Super Mario
3. CharizardLover
4. Vinnie
5. Nabber
6. Propeller Toad
7. YoshiMonsta
8. Lily
9. SonicMario (Northern Verve)
10. Banjonator
11. Mario and Luigi
12. BaseballYoshi24 (Chris Paul)
13. Paper Yoshi
14. Master Crash (apocolpyseArisen)
15. BMB (Fi)
16. Quizmo (Left, Day 1)


Re: User Survivor

This so much.

EDIT: Owait, you said I could co-host in a PM. Cool beans.


Re: User Survivor

Pyro: Here's what I was thinking:

You could host the challenge section of the week, and I could hold tribal council?


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Re: User Survivor

You should put at least 16 spaces in

Dry-Petey join please


Re: User Survivor

Hey, Pyro, are we going to divide people into tribes and all that? I assume as such, just checking to see if that's the case.