Create your own story for the next SSB game


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Here you can shed your ideas (no matter how ridiculous) for the next SSB story. It can be ANYTHING and by ANYTHING I mean ANYTHING!
For instance even if was
"Mario fell in a well and saw a inter-dimensional warp and saw Kirby walk out and drag him inside.........."
It doesn't have to the complete story just the base of the ideas. (though if you want to do the whole story you can)


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Naw, it's fine here.

I'm trying to think of something that doesn't sound like a terrible crossover fanfic, though.


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It's kinda hard to do something like that '3K unless they do some sort of awesome Justice League type of thing or something.


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Since no one seems to have posted a random fanfic story other than the creator of this thread's example,here I go:

Part 1 (I will make a whole story,but in multiple posts)
Captain Falcon is racing.He wins the race,but suddenly Wario appears to challenge him to a fight.Captain Falcon wins,but Wario's trophy is taken away by King Boo.Captain Falcon chases King Boo,yet King Boo enters his enormous castle.Captain Falcon tries to infiltrate,but before doing that he must fight the Cloning Boo.The Cloning Boo transforms into Captain Falcon.Captain Falcon enteres,but the Cloning Boo isn't completely defeated.

Meanwhile,Toon Link and Jigglypuff are watching a Pokémon battle.The trainer challenges them both to a battle.

To be continued...
I think the story would be more important for this game. it would be a bigger part of the game, I think.

It would also need to top the last story but also make a good sequel. the first story closed tightly so not much wiggle room for a sequel but I think they'd accomplish this by making a time travel story. Just a thought since time travel stories are usually well received.


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A dimensional story would be better, because they all seem to be living in different universes


Here's my story: Mario and Charizard were battling like that trailer with Greninja. Then, Ganondorf was zooming in and he was rejoining the game, and on the Pac-Man-shaped-cloud was Pac, all waving, and he jumped off and before anyone got the game, Pac ate all the copies, Wii U and 3DS. Bum bummm BUMMMMMMMM