Excuse Me, but How do you make a Sig.?


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Go to Profile > Forum Profile.
Now put something in.

Wait, *looks at sig*, you already have a Signature.


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YoshiMonsta said:
I have all the images I need
He wants to put images in his sig.

Just put the url of the image you want, like this:

Which shows up as:

That's all there is to it.


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How do you get a home-made image though? That's what I mean. I have two wonderful images for it.


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Upload them to your server, webspace, or a simple image sharing site, like Photobucket, ImageShack, Imgurl, or even Twitpic or Facebook can do the trick.

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If you need to resize the image, use this tag
. I believe height is not needed since it will auto adjust to this.


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But don't use to big images.
I mean, the size should be smaller, but the filesize will still be the same, resulting to other people to lag.


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You can, but instead of copying the URL bar, just right click the uploaded image and click "Copy URL Address", or however it's called in your Browser/language.