A word on spam.

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We have noticed a notable increase in the volume of spam (aka: "shitposting). You've almost certainly heard the term elsewhere on the Internet, but for the purpose of clarity, let's define the term thustly:

Spam is the practice of making inane, useless and worthless posts that don't futher the discussion in any way. Types of spam include:

*Making one-word posts expressing amusement or agreement without substantial commentary ("Lol, "This", Yeah" etc)
** There is a special place in the Underwhere for those that quotes posts and add nothing at all.

*Inane back and forth chatter between two users. For example:

I didn't like Terrorist Takedown 3
You should
*Overlapping with rule 5, spam can also refer to purposely making worthless off-topic post as to derail a conversation the poster doesn't consider to be "good". An example of this would be going in a thread about the US Presidential Election and posting "This topic is now about pie. What's your favorite kind of pie, mine's blueberry...".

Spam posts are not tolerated on the Mario wiki forum and making them may lead to sanctions if a poster's output is considered by the moderators to be of consistently poor quality.


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The other mods and I feel as though we should elaborate on some spam definitions.

For instance, just because you have the opportunity to make a reference to something or a joke about something doesn't mean you should. Granted we'll be much more lenient on this in the Junk board but won't be tolerated elsewhere.

If someone is working on an art project, comic series, et cetera, don't constantly pester the creator with requests. Do not ask for updates. It's annoying to the creator. If he or she wants you to know something, they will.
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