Drawing Contest: Super Mario Galaxy Scene

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Alright, my other one didn't get much people so here is a new one.

Anyone can sign up and it don't matter if you're bad at drawing or good, cause I suck too.

So the challenge. Draw the most epic Super Mario Galaxy Scene. You can use elements from 1 and 2.

Last time I planned to have three judges, however this time, I will only want 1, and maybe two. If you judge you can't draw, so keep that in mind. Judge(s) will judge out of 10 in three categories: Neatness, Colorful, and Creativity

So sign up!

(no limit, at least 5)
1. New Super Mario
2. NintendoQueen
3. OJ
4. PokemonMaster
5. BBY

1. Supremo
2. FireEevee

So once sign ups fill, all drawers will have two weeks to draw it (I want them to be amazing!) and then post them here at the end of the two weeks.

Also, your drawing must have at least 3 characters, but the more the merrier.


Shine Sprite
darn, then I am out. I am already drawing something, it will involve many lands and galaxies, but it is filled with enemies

Judges are filled, but if you want to draw, that's great


Added as a drawer.

You guys don't have to draw good to sign up, I suck. It's just for fun


Shine Sprite
I have a drawing but of course I drew it before the contest and it isn't aloud, :mad:. I wonder if I can a least show mine.
Alright PM you're added

@YoshiGo If you want you can post yours here for a sample art of something

NintendoQueen said:
I just think it would be more fun if there were MORE people to draw, instead of 2-3, you know?!
People aren't joining probably cause they don't have great art skills. I don't either, and it's all for fun.
Chris Paul said:
I'm totally joining

can we color it online? or do we have to color it in real life?
Real life, no MS Paint or Photoshop or something like that

EDIT: Since we have 5 now, I'll leave sign-ups open until Halloween, then from Halloween to the end of the second week of November, we'll draw, and then for the next three days after , we will have them posted, and then the next day the judges will individually judge them out of the categories
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