Cool Talents You Have


Donkey Kong
Self explanatory. I can do voice impressions of many Dragon Ball Z characters. Some of which are Vegeta, Nappa, and Perfect Cell.


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New Super Mario said:
I have skills, but not amazing talents. I play some instruments is all
What do you play? I've recently picked up the ocarina.

As for other talents, I consider myself quite the writer, though I haven't had the opportunity to write anything lately.


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I'm a ok songwriter but other then that I can't really think of anything.

Dr. Javelin

Nathan Latsk the bass clarinet!

I have other skills but I don't really use them often, so..yeah. Not very useful.

I guess you could say that my other skills are passive like having good hearing and being generally very observant.

Pokemon DP

God I'm good at being an owl
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I wrestle crocodiles, commune with the land and tame dingoes as pets.

Worship me.


Celestial Guide
  • I can talk like Donald Duck by doing something with my throat.
  • Um supposedly I can hit very high notes and very low notes with my voice when singing. More octaves apart than I should or something... I don't know.
  • I can touch my toes without bending my knees. (You'd be surprised how many people can't.)
  • I can summon a burp at any given moment (it's a very useless skill and I never use it unless my stomach hurts and no one's around.)
  • My wrists are double jointed so I can bend my fingers so far back that they're parallel with my arm. (I guess this one doesn't count as a talent.)

I got really pissed off once because I met someone who could pass gas at any moment (or make it sound like it) so, when I showed him I could burp at any moment, he got disgusted and told me to stop. Hypocritical farting son of a bitch. I'm not trying to be funny or anything - it pissed me off a lot.


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The talents I have are drawing on paper and computer and making sprites.


Gengar ♥
Let's see here:
I can draw pretty well
I'm quite creative

I honestly do not have any talents. I am not good at ANYTHING. I kid you not...I am literally sitting here, stumped.


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Mason said:
I can summon a burp at any given moment
My brother can do that.

I don't really have that many cool talents, although I do play the saxophone. And I've taught myself a few songs on the piano. Now only if I got into keyboarding class in school this year...


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Can solve Rubik's Cube (I spelled it correctly.)
Can write awesome stories
Um... I beat SMG2 fully...
No, I suck.


Mieu mieu!
  • I play a lot of instruments
  • I can sew dresses and stuff
  • Not a bad writer
  • Smart for my age(for example, I take weekend courses in college)
Anyone else remember a thread about this topic?

Ernest Fine 2.0

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  • I can speak Latin.
  • I'm a good singer with a wide vocal range.
  • I have the amazing talent of failing completely at more or less every kind of sport.
  • I'm not bad at impressions of people.
  • I have a very long tongue. I can almost lick my nose.