Marioverse Battle #6: Lord Crump vs. Mario

Who will win?

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Why does Petey Piranha got to have haters?
Hello again! It's time for you guys to once again vote for the winner of another Marioverse Battle! So who do you think will win? Oh! By the way if your out there Paper Jorge, how do I determine the winner by votes?
What I mean to say is, how long does it take to determine the the winner if people are always voting? One last thing. Could you give me some tips
on making a good battle?
Here it goes:

There you can see the poll somewhere on the top of the page. Click "See Results" and you'll see who has the most votes right now. Right now Mario is winning.

And a good battle...

make it long
no bad worlds
make it exciting
no blood...
and mario and luigi (this time peach and luigi) are narrator.
No intro?

And isn't throwing Mario in kinda hasty? You know who'll win.
Peach: Here we go! Wait! What am I thinking? Mario is going to get hurt!
Peach starts crying.
Luigi: Don't worry he'll win.
Luigi bets all his money on Crump.
Luigi: Bet it all on Lord Crump!
X-Naught: Hey! Why are you betting on our lord?
Luigi: Well, considering Mario doesn't have any of his partners with him like before, he is sure to lose.
Mario: Luigi!!!! How could you?
Luigi: Sorry Mario. But...... Oh my god!!!! Mario whatever you do, don't look behind you!
Mario: Why? What's that four eyes gonna doooo.... Uh oh!
Mario sees Crump in His new Magnus Von Grapple 3.0

Lord Crump: Try and stop me now foolish plumber!!
Mario: I think I just wet myself!!!

That's the end of the intro. Hopefully I will continue from here when more people have voted.
Okay everyone! Seeing how Mario is obviously beating Crump in the polls, I will continue the battle.

Luigi: Hello folks! It's time to continue the battle!
Mario: I still can't believe you, my own brother, bet all your money on Crump!

Luigi: Sorry Mario! But let's face it, you are gonna lose!

Mario: Why you little.....

Mario runs to Luigi's commentator booth and strangles him like Homer does to Bart on the Simpsons.

Luigi: Gackkkkk!

Crump interupts the strangling by shooting a plasma ray that almost hits Mario.

Lord Crump: Face it plumber! You will never defeat me alone!

Little did Crump know that he just gave Mario an idea.

Mario calls every partner he's ever incountered.

Mario: Goombario, Kooper, Bombette, Parakarry, Bow,
Watt, Sushie, Lakilester, Goombella, Koops, Flurrie, Great Gonzales Jr.,
Vivian, Bobbery, and Ms. Mowz!

They all combine every power they have and blast Crump's robot out of the sky.

Peach: Mario is the winner!!!
Luigi: Nooooo! I lost my bet!
Mario: Now about that Bet...
Luigi: Noooooo!

Mario starts beating the ever loving snot out of Luigi.

Peach: Go Mario! I mean, see you next time!

That's the end of this battle! So what did you guys think?
Listen, when I said every partner he's ever encountered, I meant just the ones in the Paper Mario Series. Didn't you hear what Luigi said in the intro? Luigi: Well considering Mario doesn't have his partners like before, he is sure to lose!
No partners refer to the PM series. In the other RPGs, they are simply called Party Members. I'd be offended if I was called a partner.
I think refering to someone as a partner would just sound better than "party member".

Guy: Hey, whose that guy?
Mario: Why thats my friend Goombario, hes my party member.

Plus, party member beats sidekick.
Guy: Hmmmm *rubs chin* I see.
Mario:Hmmmm *rubs .....* you dumb.
Man... I feel so dissed. Can't a brother make a few jokes? :eek:

Anyway, the character matchup was bad, but the battle was well thought out and a little cheap. It still was good though.