Who doesn't own a Pokemon game?


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The main handheld ones, not spin-offs.
I don't have one. I used to have Pearl but I think I traded it in.


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I've got every single Pokémon main game, with an exception to Red (and Green, if you count every release).
However, I no longer have Blue and Yellow, as I've sold these with my old Gameboy Color, I've lost Gold, Silver, and Crystal, but I did get Crystal back by re-buying it later on.
Also, my Ruby was lost for 23 days on a parking place, a couple of cars have driven over the cartridge, rain has fallen a quite few times, the cartridge looks destroyed, but it still works!


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I have at least one game from every generation of Pokemon. I've always been a fan of the series.

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Pokemon LeafGreen was the first video game that I ever played almost non-stop.

Now I've played LG, Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond, and White.

Also have played Colosseum and PMD Blue Rescue Team.


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But Colosseum and PMD aren't really main series.
Main series are the ones, developed by Game Freak, you start with a grass/fire/water Starter you get from a professor, earn 8 or 16 badges, stop the bad guys in the meantime, eventually catch the legendary mascot, beat the local Pokémon League, and train your Pokémon to level 100.


My closest friend recently got White. A lot of little kids who watch the Pokemon anime don't have the games.


I don't own a main-series Pokemon game.

However, I have played Pokemon Pearl at a friend's house.


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Yellow, Gold, Ruby, Diamond, Black.

I don't have them anymore though.

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Smasher said:
I have at least one game from every generation of Pokemon. I've always been a fan of the series.
Same here...except for Generation I. Ugh, so many flaws. Then again, it was Game Freak's first Pokemon game. Can't expect perfection. The later generations really fixed some of these mistakes.


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I only have FireRed and LeafGreen. I bought both when I was about 7, but I've never had any other one.