What do you want to be when you grow up/your dream job?

Toad Eightyfive

used to be here but peaced out
Something in the Chemistry field.
I've got a Photography major, an Environmental Science minor, and a Forensic Science minor. So, I'm currently looking into something like a forensic scientist--probably a crime scene photographer and working up from their to crime scene investigations and stuff ;D
I'm hoping to reach the medical field at the moment (my aim is to become a doctor so far).
What I'm doing now is what I want to be officially.
Even though I'm already officially SysAdmin and Games Journalist, I'd also like to add Game Development to it.
And yes, Development, not Design.
Librarian. There's nothing else I'd rather do more.
'3K said:
As I said in some other thread, I'd love to open up my own burger joint.
3000 Burgers.
I would eat there everyday.
I wish you good luck.
Also, I have no clue, but I might be an animator.
You already said that in your previous post. Why did you have to mention it again?
My grandma wants me to be a doctor or a dancer, but there's no way I'm going there. I want to develop video games.