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I'm working on a custom mappack that's overloaded with enemies, but not impossible. It's called "2 Many Enemies". So far I've made from 1-1 to 1-4. It'll contain 32 levels, and a few jokes(I put Lol, 69 on 1-1, Underwater Trees on 1-3, etc.(Note: The Level Number has nothing to do with the jokes)). It also will contain some puzzles like in Portal, but they won't be as complex as the Portal Mappack.


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Mariomario64 said:
Drilbur said:
Well, of course there would be enemies in the final game.
I meant this:

Viceroy Bubbles von Salamancer said:
sonic rain boom
Mariomario64 said:
Wait, that's in the final game?
I was just yanking your chain (do people still say that). I knew what you meant.

EDIT: I finally got this game. It's pretty good. I like all the hats you can get.


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So the guys at RoosterTeeth did a (semi) playthrough of this.
And it's featured on the site.

Hell yeah.


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Im an Pro at his game