Bowser's Big K'nex Castle of Doom

My 9 year old son, Josef, is a huge Mario Bros. fan. He also loves to build with K'Nex. He spent the last 6 month building Bowser's Big K'nex Castle. Please visit his blog to learn more.

Do let him know if you like what you see!

:bowser: Castle Builder's Mother
Thank you!

We will be adding more pictures with posts during the next few weeks. The idea is to share how it was made as it was a huge amount of work for him. For example the dome alone took about 2 month to make. We will also make a video with more details.

He is very eager to get your feedback!


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Well, what I can see of it is very cool. He should continue and make other structures!


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Okay yeah, eveything I saw on that blog was pretty impressive. Please keep the updates coming!

Please stay tuned to the blog by signing up your email, liking the Facebook Page, following @josefscreations twitter account, and/or subscribing your RSS reader. Also please do not forget to share the blog with your friends and family so they too could follow along.

Positive comments are also greatly appreciated.

Please keep in mind that Josef is only 9 years old.

I apologize if my post came across as spam, but let me assure you that it was not my intention. I was responding to a comment above asking to keep updates coming. I was trying to make it easier for people who were interested in my son's build to follow as we post new content to the blog.

For a 9 year old child this was a huge effort (it took him over 6 month including summer break to make the Bowser's Castle, at times he built for 5 hours a day) and as a very proud mother I am trying to support him and show him that there are a lot of people out there who like his work and just as excited about everything Super Mario Bros. as he is.

Josef is a huge Mario Bros. fan. Besides making this castle, he decorates everything from book covers to his back pack with Mario Bros. characters. He spent this past weekend making Mario, Bowser, Giga Bowser, etc… paper puppets and then shows. He finished up his build a couple of weeks ago and my husband and I are trying to show our support by creating and sharing this blog. He reads all the posting everyday after school and is super exited to see every positive comment. That is why I mentioned to keep in mind that all your comments will be read by a child.

I do want you to know that Josef entered his creation into the 2012 K’Nex K’Nexpert contest, but will not find out if it made the top 10 list until October 3rd. If Josef does make the top 10 I would hope that fellow Mario Bros. fans would show him their support, as the winner will be chosen by online voting, and if he does not I want him to know that there are a lot of people out there who share his passion and enjoy his creation. You can find more details about this on the following post on his blog:

Sorry for such a long post, but hopefully now you understand that all we are looking for is your support for a creation made by a young Mario Bros. fan.


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I don't think I'd ever be able to build something like that. He did a great job ;D

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Wow! Fantastic work on the dome! I myself have a interest in Lego's and Knex, but I could never build as good as Josef!


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Tell Josef that he's doing a really good job.

I hope he reaches the top 10.
Thanks! I will share your comment with him when I get home from work.

I read the comments from yesterday to him and he was very excited :)

We will try to update the blog with more photos this weekend, I will post an update when we do.
Wow! That's quite a compliment, thanks.

Josef just read the last few comments :bowjr:

He really likes all the mario images on this forum and he thought the propeller mario car is way cool!!!

We updated his blog last night, so if you have a minute take a look, as always we look forward to your comments.
We just added another post to the blog today, do let Josef know what you think so far.