What are the rules of Hurt and Heal?


Basically, there are a set number of characters (this number varies each edition) with a set health number. You can hurt or heal any character of your choice (by x1 or x2; x2 is recomended), thus raising/lowering that player's health. The game goes on until there is one standing (Bar the runner-up edition.)

Wait for someone like MCS or Smasher for a more comprehensive rulebook, but this is how I understand it.


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The basic rules are what Toad said, plus you can alter them if you want.


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Basically, all characters start out with X. You may take 2 away from a character (hurting) or you can add 2 (healing), or you can hurt 1 and heal 1 each.

*list of characters*

Also, once a character has been defeated, you may not revive him/her

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That's what I said. You can modify the rules to make it so you can heal at max only x1, but most games have the ability to heal x2.

Some people have added quirks in their games. You have to read the rules carefully if it this has a particular set.


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You always have KO list at the the end of the post so he/she can she who has been killed.