is Cheating in videogames good or bad (Console Edition)

it is?

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I personally think cheating is bad.

I think it ruins the fun.
Depends on the game. Invincibility is pretty fun in Super Mario 64 for instance. I'll generally use cheats to dick around in games I'm pretty much done with.
Bad, but I like short cuts.
Herr Shyguy said:
Depends on the game. Invincibility is pretty fun in Super Mario 64 for instance. I'll generally use cheats to *bleep* around in games I'm pretty much done with.
I like to screw around with the Moon Jump codes. :).
It depends on what cheats you use.
If you use "Infinite Health", or "Unlock Everything" codes, it's not fun at all.
But if you use codes like "Play on Test Level", or "Moonjump", it's very fun, as there's more to discover in a game, than you normally can.
Inorite? It's also pretty fun to use the infinite Flying Mario code in SMG to explore more of the Galaxy and the models that aren't bein' used for certain missions (like Kaliente's planet in Dino Piranha's mission.
I think it really depends on when you use them, what game you're playing, and what the actual cheat is. "Unlock everything" codes are fine, but should ONLY be used after you beat the main story. If you start from the begining with level-40 weapons or attacks, it's just not fun. I personally like cheats that let you screw around with the game without making progress in any way, like those cheats that let you change Mario's colour palette or access planets in SMG that can only be accessed through cheating. But if you're relying on cheats to let you finish the game faster or easier, it saps all the fun away.
I used to be a videogame noob.

Then I became a cheater and had more fun with games.

Then I became a pro because cheating wasn't fun anymore.
Well, the only reason I hacked the Mario Kart Wii is because I did everything I could do, so I wanted to make it more fun.
Herr Shyguy said:
Depends on the game. I'll generally use cheats to dick around in games I'm pretty much done with.

This, cheaters in multiplayer games are just sad.
I've seen YouTube videos of people hacking MKW on Wi-Fi.

I can imagine the look on those other peoples' faces when they saw the hacker.
But just remember that Hackers are no Cheaters.
Hacker = Creator.
Cheater = User of the creation.

Hackers usually don't cheat on WiFi, or don't use it at all, while the users of them even abuse WiFi.
I like using codes to mess up the CPUs in Mario Kart Wii and I like texture hacking in Brawl. That's the one of the reasons I enjoy playing CPUs rather than humans.
It's only good if it's used for messing around. What is the point of playing videogames when you are just going to speed ahead of it.
But I have never used cheat codes before.
I refuse to cheat. I'd rather mess things up instead.
As most of the others said, cheating for fun is what it's all about. Cheating to win defeats the entire purpose of the game. The MKWii cheaters are hilarious as long as they drop back to last at the very end. Moonjump and walk through walls cheats are fun until you glitch up your game and have to reset :l
I only do it when I have already finished the game and want a new experience
I abstain from voting because of the subjective nature of the terms "good" and "bad." As far as cheating goes, I haven't done it in years (excluding stealing the bow from the shop in Link's Awakening >:D), but I think that unless it's done after the first playthrough of a game, cheating detracts from one's overall enjoyment of said game.