Favo(u)rite filler

Who is your fav filler?

  • Waluigi

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  • Daisy

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  • Birdo

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  • Toadette

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  • Other

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  • In Soviet Russia, corn flakes hate YOU!

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I propose for the location going here.
Who is your fav filler? I can't decide :lol: . I like them all.
In Soviet Russia, filler is YOU(R MOM)!!

I really don't like any of them.
Mayhap he does, but I'd really rather not see him get his own series, unless it was really, really original.

"Waluigi's eggplants were stolen!"
Uniju said:
Corn Flakes.

Anyway, most likely Waluigi. He deserves more then to be a filler.
If you read the poll option CAREFULLY. <.<
I hate all fillers.
So, I voted for my least favorite (HI IM DAYZEE)
Daisy. Wheeeeeeeeeee.
I do love the Toads, but I must say that I'm beginning to grow an unwated fondness towards Waluigi, especially in Strikers charged. So, sorry, Toadette... >.<
Smiddle said:
I voted that last option because of the Russian reversal.

I'm so easily controlled :/

In Soviet Russia, reversals reverse the reverses, making reverses reversed and thus reversing the reversal of the reversing YOU!!
I can't say I like any of them, all are kinda lame IMO. :|